Ada 2.9.0
Fast spec-compliant URL parser
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parser.h File Reference

Definitions for the parser. More...

#include <optional>
#include <string_view>
#include "ada/encoding_type.h"
#include "ada/expected.h"
#include "ada/state.h"

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namespace  ada
namespace  ada::parser
 Includes the definitions for supported parsers.


template<typename result_type = ada::url_aggregator>
result_type ada::parser::parse_url (std::string_view user_input, const result_type *base_url=nullptr)
template url_aggregator ada::parser::parse_url< url_aggregator > (std::string_view user_input, const url_aggregator *base_url)
template url ada::parser::parse_url< url > (std::string_view user_input, const url *base_url)
template<typename result_type = ada::url_aggregator, bool store_values = true>
result_type ada::parser::parse_url_impl (std::string_view user_input, const result_type *base_url=nullptr)
template url_aggregator ada::parser::parse_url_impl< url_aggregator > (std::string_view user_input, const url_aggregator *base_url)
template url ada::parser::parse_url_impl< url > (std::string_view user_input, const url *base_url)

Detailed Description

Definitions for the parser.

Definition in file parser.h.